Energy Subsidies Stymie Wind, Solar Innovation: Nathan Myhrvold

Solar-cell makers and their champions love to talk about a similar Moores law for solar, but the physics of the situation argues against this. Yes, since 1985, solar-cell prices have dropped by roughly a factor of four, but during that same period, Moores law slashed the price of computational power by a factor of at least 130,000. Better Technology Ahead Solar cells being deployed today convert into electricity just 10 percent to 15 percent of the solar energy that strikes them. Laboratories have made cells that can reach 40 percent efficiency , a level where things start to get interesting. But these advanced cells are expensive and tricky to make. A lot more R&D must be done before they can be produced cheaply and in volume. Unfortunately, to compete in the gold rush for government support, the solar-energy industry mainly spends its time making current-generation, inefficient cells. The argument that this will help accelerate the next generation just isnt holding up.
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More Solar Innovation: Stanford’s Peel and Stick Flexible Application

And then its going to keep coming down, and people will be gravitating towards solar, even if they dont care at all about the environment, because of the economics. So right now its at half a percent of the worlds energy. People tend to dismiss technologies when they are half a percent of the solution. But doubling every two years means its only eight more doublings before it meets a hundred percent of the worlds energy needs. So thats 16 years. We will increase our use of electricity during that period, so add another couple of doublings: In 20 years well be meeting all of our energy needs with solar , based on this trend which has already been under way for 20 years. Of course, there are huge integration and storage issues that will need to be addressed. But his point about solar echoes what has occurred with green technologies such as the Prius. Consumer Reports recently found the Prius to have the lowest cost of ownership of any car. People buy it because of the economics. Similar things are happening with electric vehicles. Motor Trend just named the Tesla Model S its car of the year, and competitive in price with other luxury car peers. At its core, the Tesla Model S is simply a damned good car you happen to plug in to refuel. For Motor Trend, the environmental benefits are beside the point. The same process is happening with LED lighting. Once the limited province of Cree and a few others, the technology is now rapidly moving into the marketplace in the hands of Siemens , Philips , and GE, and it has gone mainstream.
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Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (SWET) Applies for New Patent to Protect Efficiency-Enhancing Innovations

Incorporated into the existing core design, for which a patent has already been issued to SWET, are a variety of innovative improvements that will increase the efficiency to construct the Tower and enhance the Towers operational capabilities. The original Tower structure was tubular in shape and concentric at both the top and base with consistent wall thickness. The new design allows for a reduction in the actual wall thickness of the Tower while also producing increased seismic and wind force resistance. The hyperbolic shape of the Tower also increases the circumference area at the base of the Tower, which provides additional room for more and / or larger turbines; potentially enhancing power output. Furthermore, the design integrates a water storage reservoir within the structure to reduce energy consumption at start up. Ronald Pickett, CEO of Solar Wind Energy Tower, stated, This new patent will be an enhancement to the Tower patent that has already been issued. It demonstrates that the ongoing research, development and investigation by the SWET team to refine our model have paid off. Since receiving our initial core patent, which encompasses our unique and efficient power system, our efforts have continued across the board to define a new paradigm for alternative energy, one that is self-sustaining without the need of subsidies. For more information about Solar Wind Energy Tower, visit About QualityStocks QualityStocks is committed to connecting subscribers with companies that have huge potential to succeed in the short and long-term future. We offer several ways for investors to find, evaluate, and learn more about investing in these companies. Sign up for The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter at The Quality Stocks Daily Blog The Quality Stocks Daily Videos The Quality Stocks Ones to Watch Please see disclaimer on the QualityStocks website: Agree or Disagree?
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