Photovoltaic Fuses are UL 2579 listed.

Click Here to Enlarge Picture January 18, 2011 – Providing overcurrent protection at combiner box and inverter levels, Helio Protection HP6M, HP6J, and HP10M Fuses cover applications ranging from 1-400 A, 600 Vdc and 1,000 Vdc. Optimized fuse construction makes units suitable for continuous temperature and current cycling withstand. With minimum breaking capacity of 1.35 X fuse-rated current value, devices allow for safe circuit interruption under typical low-fault current conditions produced by PV arrays. (Archive News Story – Products mentioned in this Archive News Story may or may not be available from the manufacturer.) Original Press Release New Helio Protection Fuse Product Line Introducing the Industry’s First UL 2579 Listed Range of Dedicated Photovoltaic Fuses. Mersen is pleased to announce the launch of the industry’s first UL 2579 listed range of dedicated photovoltaic fuses – the Helio Protection fuse line, which includes the HP6M, HP10M, and HP6J. The new photovoltaic fuse line provides superior overcurrent protection at the combiner box and inverter levels and covers applications ranging from 1 to 400A, 600VDC, and 1000VDC.
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Photovoltaic (PV):

to develop a ground-mounted solar photovoltaic facility on about four acres of land its parent company owns in Kapolei, is moving forward after a final environmental assessment found the project would have no significant impact on the environment. The final EA was recently published in the state Office of Environmental Quality Controlas Environmental Notice, which says that Houston-based Chevron Technology Ventures does not need to prepare an environmental impact statement, although it still needs a key special management area permit. The Chevron Hawaii photovoltaic solar project, which includes multiple solar panels and a solar tracker that aims the panels directly at the sun throughout the day, will sell renewable energy to Hawaiian Electric Co. through its feed-in tariff or FIT program. No timeframe or cost for the development were given. Chevron Technology Ventures has been quite busy with other renewable energy projects at Chevron (NYSE: CVX) Campbell Industrial Park facility. The company also is in the process of developing a 15.5-acre solar thermal demonstration project. Click here to download a PDF of the final EA. Duane Shimogawa covers energy, real estate and economic development for Pacific Business News.
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Chevron’s Hawaii solar photovoltaic project clears environmental hurdle

Chevron Corp.

But this one isn’t in the desert: it’s in one of the foggiest neighborhoods California has to offer. Commentary : Homeowners who have a little bit of extra cash when they install solar panels are often encouraged to add battery storage to their home system. But a Southern California utility just delivered some upsetting news to owners of those storage systems. Photovoltaic (PV) : At no more than 14 megawatts of planned capacity, San Diego Gas & Electric’s proposed Ocotillo Sol power plant is a lot smaller than many desert solar projects. But it’s still got wildlife and cultural protection activists concerned: the project would occupy 115 acres of Imperial County’s Yuha Desert that had been set aside for protection by the feds. Photovoltaic (PV) : We here in the Golden State are proud of our growing solar infrastructure, and rightly so. But two countries not necessarily known for their fabulous wealth have just put solar programs in place than make us look like we’re not serious by comparison.
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