Solar Power Has Record Year Despite Bankruptcies

Solar panels will grace south wall of Milwaukee Public Museum

This artist’s rendering shows the new design for the Milwaukee Public Museum, which will feature solar panels on its south-facing wall.

Over 3.3 gigawatts of solar power were installed last year, according to a report Thursday from the Solar Energy Industries Association, a trade group. That’s enough to power about 500,000 homes, and it was a 76% increase from 2011. The industry credited the jump to the declining price of solar panels, stable tax incentives and better financing options . “We’ve brought more new solar online in 2012 than in the three prior years combined,” SEIA head Rhone Resch said in a statement. “And every one of these panels was bolted down by a member of the U.S. workforce.” The industry estimates it now employs 119,000 people in the United States — a 13% jump over last year.
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Solar Power Returns to the White House

white house solar panels

Presente responded to the letter by putting the ads on cable TV in Sacramento and the Central Valley on Tuesday. The spat stems from proposed state legislation, AB 327 , that would change the way net metering works for utility customers who generate solar power. Net metering allows homes and businesses that have rooftop solar systems to sell excess power back to the power company. The proposed legislation would likely reduce the amount that solar power users could earn from that power generation. Environmental and solar energy industry groups in the state oppose the legislation because it would reduce incentives to install solar systems. Southern California Edison and other utilities in the state have sought changes to net metering, saying solar power users are not paying their fair share to cover grid and other infrastructure costs. “It’s not that Southern California Edison doesn’t understand satire or First Amendment issues,” said Vanessa McGrady, a spokeswoman for the utility.
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Solar-powered lights in Somalia refugees camp help protect against night-time sex attacks

A Portuguese firefighter works to extinguish a wildfire near Caramulo, north Portugal, Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013. Portuguese officials said a woman firefighter died in a forest blaze, becoming the fifth fatality among emergency crews in a month as summer wildfires scorch large areas of parched countryside. (AP Photo/Francisco Seco)

Because of fears that chunks of marble could fall during the panels’ removal, the adjacent Puelicher Butterfly Vivarium has been closed during the project. It will take until November for removal of all the marble panels and another month for installation of the solar panels. The problem with the marble slabs was discovered when Milwaukee County did inspections of the exteriors of many county buildings, following the O’Donnell Park fatality in 2010, Censky said. A 15-year-old boy was killed and two others were injured when a concrete slab fell from the O’Donnell facade, prompting a county-wide review. The museum panels were not considered at risk of failing. “It was a serious enough problem for us to want to remove the marble panels and reinstall them with new (metal) clips,” said Greg High, director of Milwaukee County’s architectural and engineering division. The county owns the museum building at 800 W. Wells St. The original idea was to replace only damaged panels with new ones and add new connectors for all 234 panels. But that proved too costly and would not have permitted the addition of insulation, High said.
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solar power record year 2012 usa

Women living in Mogadishus hundreds of refugee camps often stay and dont use communal bathrooms at home at night because of the threat men armed with knives and guns pose to them. With the installation of 79 solar-powered lights by the Danish Refugee Council in a camp known as Zone K, life has returned to Mogadishus nights. Britains fractious energy debate Karla Adam A quiet English village has become a focal point for those who are against a shale gas revolution. Lebanon braces for fallout of any U.S.-led strikes on Syria Loveday Morris The threat of attacks on Syria add to uncertainty in neighboring Lebanon, which is facing pressures of its own. Russian law makes life harder for gay teenagers Kathy Lally Online support grows for LGBT youth in a nation where its seen as illegal to say homosexuality in front of minors. Iranian exile deaths reported in Iraqi camp Adam Schreck The National Council of Resistance of Iran alleges that those killed died in a raid by Iraqi security forces Sunday. It feels like we are starting a new life, Sadiya Hussein, a mother of four, said while resting with other women on a sandy spot near their homes, which are made out of sheet metal or sticks and cloth. Because of the lights we can come together to chat and get some fresh air. No rapist can sneak in now.
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California Solar Energy Plan Inspires Ads Mocking Utility

During a Reagan era roof replacement, the panels were removed (some say at the behest of oil companies that were offended by Carters commie technology). About ten years ago, the George W Bush Administration had new panels installed, but with a catch. A maintenance shed off site held the actual units, which connected via an underground conduit to several White House operations rooms. This week, the Obama administration made good on a promise to make the White House that much greener by beginning installation on the roof of a productive, modern solar photovoltaic array. While its unknown how much juice these panels actually provide, Obama has stated a wish that 20% of government energy consumption come from renewable sources by 2020 . As for the Carter panels, which languished for years in a government warehouse, there is a happy ending. An enterprising employee of Unity college saw them in a magazine, and thanks to government re-appropriation programs drove a battered old soccer bus down from Maine to pick them up. The project is not without some irony however, as Scientific American reported: In fact, since 1992 16 of the 32 solar panels have been on the Unity College cafeteria roof, located just 15 minutes from the often overcast coast of Maine, warming water in summer and winter.
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