First Power And Light Increases Wholesale Solar Panel Business

12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – First Power and Light, Inc. ( VOLT ) announced today that its acquisition target, First Power and Light, LLC (FPL) has experienced a significant increase in its revenue from its Photo Voltaic (PV) solar panel wholesale distribution and liquidation business. FPL has shipped $700,000 (USD) in wholesale panels per month during the last quarter and almost $1 million in this past month. This equates to approximately 4 megawatts (4 million watts) this past quarter. Based on this trend, FPL’s management anticipates shipping approximately 5 megawatts this month with a market value of over $ 2 million. FPL has become one of the larger solar panel discounters in the United States, distributing mega watts of solar panels at an approximate average price of under 60 cents/watt while most panel makers sell their panels in the 75 to 90 cents/watt range.
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Wisconsin libertarians embrace solar power

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Project at the Lester Public Library, Two Rivers, Wisconsin (image via Lester Public Library/Flickr)

More important, it reaffirms private property rights. We should all be in favor of that, Ehlers said. Its really no different than a satellite dish company providing you with a satellite dish so that I can watch TV channels that I cant get through my local marketplace. The existence of state and federal subsidies for renewable energy was a sticking point in the committees debate. We are, of course, not in favor of that, but theyre subsidizing the coal industry, theyre subsidizing the natural gas industry, theyre subsidizing fracking. We want all subsidies to end, Ehlers said. Eventually, the committee voted 6-1 to approve a carefully worded endorsement that supports a property owners right to buy and generate on-site power, regardless of whether a regulated public utility is involved in the process: On the matter of public utilities and their definitions, the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin recognizes that existing definitions and regulations can swiftly become obsolete as new technologies and service innovations come into existence.
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Solar panels shine on Markham homeowner’s budget

He rents out his roof. After more than 18 months of generating solar power through an array of solar panels on his roof and selling it back to the grid, he received his first cheque this spring for $680. About two years ago, after reading an article, Mr. Chan learned of Pure Energies, a onetime Markham company that sells solar panel arrays and leases rooftop space from residents to set up solar panels. After meeting with engineers to measure his roof, about 30 solar panels were set up at no cost to the homeowner. The article said, Free, he said. I had to find out if it was really free.
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