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Meet Me in Paonia: A Solar Energy International Story

Brinckerhoff, Manager, Costa Rica Entomological SupplyMember, Sat Yoga Institute Installing solar and utilizing the sun’s power as a clean energy option requires a realm of solar training knowledge and skill sets I have long lacked. As a participant… Leadership Changes New for 2012 at Solar Energy International Tresi Houpt The Solar Energy International Board of Directors and Executive Director Johnny Weiss have announced that on Jan. 1, 2012, Weiss will transition into the position of advising co-founder, where he will focus his time on program design and business…
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Report: How Solar Remains Attractive Without Key Incentives In California

SunPower Corporation Co-founded by Dr. Richard Swanson in the 1970s, SunPower has become a successful company leading the charge in providing high-energy solar systems for organizations and government agencies along with solar panels for homes. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company also has offices located worldwide, particularly in Spain, Switzerland, Korea and Australia. Some of the positions and experts they are currently recruiting for include project managers, engineers/technical trainers, and product marketing managers. Suntech Power Holding Ltd.
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Will Shale Gas Boom Hurt Solar Energy, Electric Cars?

But a bill, AB 327, which received the final approval from the Legislature on Thursday, would allow the Public Utilities Commission to remove that cap if certain conditions are met. The utilities, meanwhile, would get to use different rates to charge their customers, and the new rates should more adequately compensate the utilities for their efforts to carry out net metering. After some intense negotiations, compromises have been made to the bill, which now heads to Gov. Browns desk for his signature. It removes numerous artificial regulatory constraints on the growth of solar, said Bryan Miller, president of the Alliance for Solar Choice and vice president of public policy at Sunrun, a residential solar financing company in San Francisco. AB 327 also would allow the commission to modify a regulation that currently requires the three utilities to increase the amount of renewable electricity solar, wind, geothermal and others in their power supplies to 33% by 2020.
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Is Solar Energy Still Growing in the United States?

At least six of 10 largest U.S. homebuilders led by KB Home include the photovoltaic devices in new construction, according to supplier SunPower Corp. (SPWR) Two California towns are mandating installations, and demand for the systems that generate electricity at home will jump 56 percent nationwide this year,according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. “In the next six months, homebuilders in California and the expensive-energy states will be going solar as a standard,and just incorporating it into the cost of the house like any other feature,” Jim Petersen, chief executive officer of the PetersenDean Inc., the largest closely held U.S. roofing and solar contractor, said in an interview. Lashing panels to roofs during construction is about 20percent cheaper than after a house is built. Homeowners who can afford the extra $10,000 to $20,000 cost in return for free power threaten the business of traditional utilities such as Edison International of California or Kansas’ Westar Energy Inc.
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Solar Energy: Top Employers for Solar Technology Applicants

Feinstein, Schumer and Durbin

AP ViewEnlargedImage First, what about electric cars, if in the short run the shale boom helps keep electric grid costs down? Stock Rocket The gold standard on the electric road is Tesla Motors ( TSLA ), up about 400% this year in the stock market . Tesla’s Model S isn’t apt to be bought simply to save money through plug-in power vs. the price of gasoline. The General Motors ( GM ) Chevy Volt hybrid, Nissan ( NSANY ) Leaf plug-in and Toyota ( TM ) Prius plug-in, perhaps more so. “I could definitely see from the price-of-fuel perspective it could promote the adoption of electric vehicles,” said Andrew Soare, an analyst leading the alternative fuel practice at Lux Research. “I don’t think it’ll have a dramatic acceleration effect on the market.
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Solar Panel Is Next Granite Countertop for Homebuilders

Unfortunately for its less diverse peers, the same can’t be said. Tune in below for more details. Despite the gains solar energy has made, record oil and natural gas production is still revolutionizing the United States’ energy position. For this reason, the Motley Fool is offering a comprehensive look at three energy companies set to soar during this transformation in the energy industry. To find out which three companies are spreading their wings, we invite you to check out the special free report, ” 3 Stocks for the American Energy Bonanza .” Don’t miss out on this timely opportunity; click here to access your report — it’s absolutely free. Joel South has no position in any stocks mentioned. Taylor Muckerman has no position in any stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares of SolarCity.
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