Solar Power Is Skyrocketing — But Now A Conservative Group Wants To Stop It – Policymic

solar, power, is, skyrocketing, —, but, now, a, conservative, group, wants, to, stop, it,

In 1977, discriminating against solar customers in this manner was made illegal. And even now, just 200 to 400 of OGE’s customers use solar panels or a small wind generator to lower their electrical bills. But a 2013 report by the Edison Electric Institute, the industry’s trade group, warns of “a day when battery storage technology or micro turbines could allow customers to be electric grid independent … As this threat to growth becomes more evident, investors will become less attracted to investments in the utility sector.” The new legislation is obviously intended to forestall mass solar adoption by making it less cost-effective to install a secondary, renewable power system. A company spokesman even said that “We’re not anti-solar or anti-wind or trying to slow this down, we’re just trying to keep it fair … We’ve been studying this trend.
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