New Solar Plant In Negros Expected To Meet Power Demand, Reduce Co2 Emissions In Visayas | Inquirer News

The project is a joint venture between the local clean energy developer, Bronzeoak Philippines and leading global investment management group, ThomasLloyd. In October 2013, Conergy was contracted by SaCaSol to carry out the planning, supply, engineering and construction of the 22-megawatt solar power plant, the largest solar farm in the country. The project has been built on two sites: 13 MW and 9 MW for Phase One and Phase Two, respectively. With the first 13 MW of the SaCaSol solar plant commissioned, power is now being supplied to the grid at the pre-determined feed-in-tariff rate for solar power set by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) which is currently set at P9.68/kWh. The SaCaSol plant is expected to be completed by mid-2014, with 88,300 Conergy P-series modules set to produce around 35,000 megawatt hours per year enough energy to supply 13,000 households in the Philippines. Once completed, the facility is expected to reduce CO2 gas emissions by 18,820 tons per year. Conergy CEO for Asia Pacific, Marc Lohoff shares, SaCaSol is the first utility scale solar plant in Negros and the Visayas region and is the largest solar power plant in the country. With our market entry in the Philippines, we are opening up another attractive and emerging growth market in Asia, adding to our strong presence in Thailand.
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New solar energy projects reach completion in the UK – Hydrogen Fuel News | Hydrogen Fuel News

Solar Energy UK

The countrys interest in clean power had been set on the solar sector for some time, but has recently shifted to wind energy . The UK government is currently in the process of reducing the financial support it provides to other forms of clean power so that wind energy can receive more funding. Offshore wind energy is particularly popular in the United Kingdom due to the countrys access to large expanses of open water. SunEdison expects to see many more projects completed as the year goes on SunEdison is expected to see more of its solar energy projects reach completion this year, but the majority of these projects will not be located in the United Kingdom. SunEdison aims to see more than 1,500 megawatts worth of installations come online by 2015, with this number reaching 2,000 megawatts by 2016.
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