Saudi Arabia In Policy Shift Seeking Solar Through Aramco – Bloomberg

The comment suggests that authority over renewable energy in the kingdom may be moving toward Aramco, which has for decades managed built up Saudi Arabias oil industry and has the expertise to manage giant contracts with Western companies. To date, the Saudi renewable strategy has been managed by King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, an organization chartered by the government working outside the energy ministry. KaCare officials in May 2012 said the nation was seeking $109 billion to create a solar industry by 2032, though theres been little evidence of progress since then. The government solar plan is moving very slow, and we are hearing about it for some time, but its not maturing as fast as it should, Gasem al-Shaikh, head of energy unit at Saudi Binladin Group, said in an interview in Manama. The country cant wait. We are burning more liquids every year, and thats why Saudi Aramco now is taking the lead. Al-Shaikhs company is interested in bidding on the new solar projects announced by KaCare, which was started by a decree from the king in April 2010. Aramcos work would be separate from those contracts. Slow Progress Al-Falih of Aramco said Saudi Arabia needs to be patient in adding solar capacity and do it slowly and carefully to avoid mistakes like those made in European nations, which had to ratchet back subsides after creating an uncontrolled boom in solar panel installations.
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