Perspective: Solar Power Is On The Rise | Tampa Bay Times

Polypack, a Pinellas Park manufacturer of shrink-wrap machines, installed a solar system that cut the electric bill from about $4,800 to $300 in April. The company owner also owns the collection in the adjacent Tampa Bay Automobile Museum.

Tamara Waldmann, manager of Florida cogeneration and renewables for Duke Energy, says solar simply is “not continuous, not consistent.” And when private entities contribute solar to the grid, Waldmann says it affects the “quality” of the power coming into the system. The grid isn’t receiving the consistent power that comes from coal, natural gas and nuclear baseload generators, she said. Fenton says the real concern of the utilities is the addition of generation from the likes of the large rooftop generators means the power companies aren’t getting consistent revenue. He said policy can be devised to make the utilities whole because “I truly believe everybody should pay their fair share.” But, Fenton argues, the utilities simply don’t want to lose money. “The truth of the matter from the utilities perspective, (solar users are) just buying less electricity,” Fenton says.
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Modi wants to use solar to bring power to the 400 million Indians without electricity : TreeHugger

China isn’t the only country that is making bigger bets on solar power . India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, wants to use the sun to bring electricity to the 400 million people in India who do not have access to electricity. We look upon solar as having the potential to completely transform the way we look at the energy space, said Narendra Taneja, who’s in charge of energy in Modis Bharatiya Janata Party. There’s a track record too, because Modi has pioneered Indias first incentives for large-scale solar power in 2009 as head of Gujarat state. The goal would be to use solar panels to allow every home to have power to run two bulbs, a solar cooker and a television by 2019. That might not sound like much to those of us living in rich countries, but this can be life-changing to people who currently don’t have access to electricity, as well as tremendously improve their health because burning biomass and coal for cooking and light creates a lot of dangerous indoor air pollution .
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