Delhi Eyes Rooftop Solar Power – The Times Of India

Qatar sheds light on its solar-power future – Yahoo News UK

If the model is replicated in Delhi, according to official sources, it has the potential to deliver 50-100 MW. This was discussed by the capital’s top bureaucrats with their Gujarat counterparts on Thursday. On the direction of LG Najeeb Jung, three teams of senior officials have gone to the state to study the Gujarat model. The two-day visit ends on Friday. Among the other things they are looking at are Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati riverfront project and the CCTV-based city surveillance system in Surat. On Thursday, the teams visited the river and several solar power projects.
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Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, visited the solar-panel factory for Sunday’s inauguration. “What impresses me is that it’s driven by a visionary view of what we should be doing for the future,” Pachauri told Al Jazeera, adding the facility is “beyond state-of-the-art”. “Yes, Qatar has extremely high [greenhouse gas] emissions, but I suppose the beginning of a journey starts with the first step. And would commend the fact that they are looking further into the future than most countries are.” RELATED: The Gulf’s bright solar-powered future Neighbouring Saudi Arabia has announced plans to produce 41 gigawatts of solar energy capacity to fuel its domestic needs by 2032, and has begun building massive solar power plants throughout the country. It is the largest proposed solar target in the world, however, it remains to be seen when production will commence.
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