Antioch Moves Forward With Solar Panel Plans |

Antioch Colleges primary goal is to be the first liberal arts school heated and cooled on green energy. According to Andi Adkins, vice president for finance and operations, the project has no up front costs since the school is not the owners of the solar array. The geothermal plant will save the school $450 per year, and is estimated to save the school $250,000 over the 25-year life span, 25 years, of the project. Our first surprise is that we were surprised by the reactions by the neighbors. However we understand it. We have six neighbors bordering the outside of the campus where the neighbors have enjoyed the empty space, Stratton said.
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Hatch wants to boost solar energy in Iowa

Department of Energy to study solar energy applications in Iowa like the current administration did. Last week Gov. Terry Branstad’s administration agreed to surrender a $1 million grant designed to bolster solar energy in Iowa — a move Hatch charged was due to pressure from utility company lobbyists. He said the move backed Iowa away from making a modest entry into building a solar energy capacity. Hatch called on Branstad to reassess his solar energy policy and to embrace a court ruling last week that observers believe will clear the way for third-party purchase agreements in Iowa that will benefit small producers of solar energy. “The current governor is giving in to special interests in the utility industry and picking winners and losers,” Hatch said. “That’s the only reason Iowa is giving up the federal solar energy grant, and I believe we can do better.” In response to Hatchs comments, Tommy Schultz, spokesman for the Branstad-Reynolds campaign, issued a statement defending the governor record on renewable energy. “Gov.
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5 Most Energy-efficient Companies – Yahoo Finance

When it comes to energy efficiency, the U.S. is not exactly a world leader. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy , America ranks 13th out of the 16 largest economies in energy efficiency. Lack Of Energy Efficiency Affects The Economy The Wall Street Journal noted that one reason for this country’s low score in energy efficiency was high-energy usage in enterprise. This, report authors said, was a significant factor when it comes to the nations economy as a whole.
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Solar Energy Coming To Rhs |

Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich recently announced that it obtained a pair of state grants, with the assistance of Newport-based NPTRE (also known as Newport Renewables), for the installation of new solar panels to be constructed atop its Alan F. Flynn, Jr. Academic Center, which houses the campus Upper School. According to a press release from Rocky Hill School, the grants were received from the Renewable Energy Fund from Commerce Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (OER) 2014 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for R.I. Schools program For more of this story pick up a copy of The East Greenwich Pendulum. Source
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India Pledges Funds For Grid Reform, Solar Energy To Curb Blackouts

Trail Mix | Solar India


The previous government missed a 2012 target to provide electricity to all households. The proposed budget, which needs to be passed by parliament by July 31, earmarked 5 billion rupees to roll out a program implemented by Modi in his home state of Gujarat, where power feeder lines to farmers were separated from those to other consumers. That enabled Gujarat to ensure uninterrupted electricity to most areas by reducing theft and limiting the volume provided below-cost to farms. While the proposals will improve the quality and availability of power, the resources required to split off rural electricity supply are far larger than budgeted, said Kameswara Rao, head of energy, utilities and mining in India for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. This initial allocation should be used to attract domestic and multilateral funds, to supplement the program, he said.
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Solar Energy Efficiency Gets A Boost

Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of energy company – TheGazette

Print California, USA — A perspective article published last month by University of California, Riverside chemists in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters was selected as an Editors Choice an honor only a handful of research papers receive. The perspective reviews the chemists work on singlet fission, a process in which a single photon generates a pair of excited states. This 1->2 conversion process, as it is known, has the potential to boost solar cell efficiency by as much as 30 percent. Find the article here . Applications of the research include more energy-efficient lighting and photodetectors with 200 percent efficiency that can be used for night vision. Biology may use singlet fission to deal with high-energy solar photons without generating excess heat, as a protective mechanism.
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Under a power purchase agreement, Dubuque-based Eagle Point would own, install and operate PV solar panels on a city-owned building. The city would then purchase the energy the panels produced. The Iowa Utilities Board originally said that the company was acting as a public utility and was therefore violating Iowa code because the city was located within the exclusive service territory of Alliant Energy. However, a District Court ruled that although it is possible for an entity to act as an electric utility, Eagle Points proposed arrangement did not. In a 4-2 ruling, with one justice abstaining, the Supreme Court affirmed the District Courts decision. l Comments: (319) 398-8331; Most Popular
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Kb Home’s Green Initiative: A Leader In Energy-efficient Homes – Yahoo Finance

The company has taken the lead in developing energy-efficient homes. It has been able to build a four-bedroom, 2,500-square-foot home that has an average energy bill of less than $100 a month. It has been expanding its ZeroHouse 2.0 program, which strives to build a home that will have projected energy costs of zero. Sustainability guiding principles KB Home releases a sustainability report every year. Its guiding principles are: Offer environmentally friendly and affordably priced homes, products, and featuresthat minimize our homeowners carbon footprint and energy usage, conservenatural resources and create more sustainable homes and communities. Utilize our history of innovation and our process-driven approach to reduce wasteand natural resource usage throughout our organization. Be an active and responsible member of the communities in which we operate. Be an environmental educator for all our employees, homebuyers and businesspartners regarding home energy conservation and environmental sustainability. Maintain our standards of transparency and corporate citizenship by publiclyreporting on the progress in and challenges to our sustainability efforts. Specific measures to make homes more sustainable include: Installation of Energy Star appliances in all homes and adherence to the new Energy Star Version 3 standards Continuing to provide solar panel installation as a standard or optional feature in selected marketsalso, it continues to explore future ways to facilitate offering solar power systems in more homes Providing an energy monitoring system in every home as a standard feature to increase homeowners awareness of their consumptionthis can result in additional energy savings of up to 10% Improving indoor air quality with low-VOC paints Continuing to promote its WaterSense-labeled new homes, which consume less water Expanding low-water-usage landscaping standards KB advertises, as the above graph shows, the projected energy savings a homeowner could expect to achieve under its green initiatives.
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Qatar Solar Energy Signs Landmark Agreement With Kazatomprom To Accelerate Qatar’s Renewable Energy Production – Marketwatch

South African solar energy project receives $142 million in funding – Hydrogen Fuel News | Hydrogen Fuel News

Concentrated solar energy system ready to go online in South Africa

“QSE is achieving this by combining research, development and manufacturing under one roof to form a fully integrated value chain. QSE, when it reaches capacity of 2.5 GW, will make Qatar one of the largest producers of solar power in the world, contrasted with the total combined capacity of production in Europe and the US which currently stands at 3.4 GW.” QSE is making remarkable strides having launched its solar technology research and production facility in the MENA region in June 2014 and the subsequent signing of this landmark agreement with Kazatomprom. QSE is quickly putting Qatar in a leadership position for both exporting innovative solar renewable energy technology products and knowledge transfer on high performance cells, modules, and smart-grid development. QSE and Kazatomprom have also committed to deepening their mutual engagement in the form of knowledge-sharing and training to drive the solar industry forward. In September 2014, the first delegation of Kazatomprom engineers will travel to QSE headquarters in Qatar to initiate the knowledge-sharing engagement. About Qatar Solar Energy (QSE) Qatar Solar Energy (QSE) is dedicated to responding to developed and developing countries growing demand for renewable energy. As an advanced solar energy provider in the world, QSE’s innovative model ensures that individuals and businesses on every continent have access to renewable energy at or below grid parity. QSE seamlessly develops and refines the world’s most advanced solar technologies by bringing research, technology development, manufacturing, and project development and deployment under one roof, forming a fully integrated value chain from raw materials to the end-user.
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Parabolic trough reflectors are being used by the project to amplify sunlight, thereby increasing its energy potential. Currently, the project boasts of a maximum capacity of 100 megawatts, but more capacity could be added later on as the project expands. Project Xina currently needs approximately $900 million in investments in order to complete development and begin generating electrical power. South Africa aims to leverage new solar energy projects to attain its sustainability goals This project is part of South Africas endeavor to install some 3.7 gigawatts worth of renewable energy capacity throughout the country by 2016. South Africa aims to increase its renewable energy capacity by an additional 9.4 gigawatts by 2030. Through the adoption of clean energy, the country also hopes to cut down on the emissions that it is responsible for, becoming more environmentally friendly and securing a more sustainable future. South Africa also pursuing the establishment of a domestic fuel cell industry Solar power has begun to find traction in South Africa, but it is not the only form of clean energy that the country is focusing on.
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