Solar Energy Efficiency Gets A Boost

Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of energy company – TheGazette

Print California, USA — A perspective article published last month by University of California, Riverside chemists in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters was selected as an Editors Choice an honor only a handful of research papers receive. The perspective reviews the chemists work on singlet fission, a process in which a single photon generates a pair of excited states. This 1->2 conversion process, as it is known, has the potential to boost solar cell efficiency by as much as 30 percent. Find the article here . Applications of the research include more energy-efficient lighting and photodetectors with 200 percent efficiency that can be used for night vision. Biology may use singlet fission to deal with high-energy solar photons without generating excess heat, as a protective mechanism.
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Under a power purchase agreement, Dubuque-based Eagle Point would own, install and operate PV solar panels on a city-owned building. The city would then purchase the energy the panels produced. The Iowa Utilities Board originally said that the company was acting as a public utility and was therefore violating Iowa code because the city was located within the exclusive service territory of Alliant Energy. However, a District Court ruled that although it is possible for an entity to act as an electric utility, Eagle Points proposed arrangement did not. In a 4-2 ruling, with one justice abstaining, the Supreme Court affirmed the District Courts decision. l Comments: (319) 398-8331; Most Popular
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