India Pledges Funds For Grid Reform, Solar Energy To Curb Blackouts

Trail Mix | Solar India


The previous government missed a 2012 target to provide electricity to all households. The proposed budget, which needs to be passed by parliament by July 31, earmarked 5 billion rupees to roll out a program implemented by Modi in his home state of Gujarat, where power feeder lines to farmers were separated from those to other consumers. That enabled Gujarat to ensure uninterrupted electricity to most areas by reducing theft and limiting the volume provided below-cost to farms. While the proposals will improve the quality and availability of power, the resources required to split off rural electricity supply are far larger than budgeted, said Kameswara Rao, head of energy, utilities and mining in India for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. This initial allocation should be used to attract domestic and multilateral funds, to supplement the program, he said.
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