Antioch Moves Forward With Solar Panel Plans |

Antioch Colleges primary goal is to be the first liberal arts school heated and cooled on green energy. According to Andi Adkins, vice president for finance and operations, the project has no up front costs since the school is not the owners of the solar array. The geothermal plant will save the school $450 per year, and is estimated to save the school $250,000 over the 25-year life span, 25 years, of the project. Our first surprise is that we were surprised by the reactions by the neighbors. However we understand it. We have six neighbors bordering the outside of the campus where the neighbors have enjoyed the empty space, Stratton said.
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Hatch wants to boost solar energy in Iowa

Department of Energy to study solar energy applications in Iowa like the current administration did. Last week Gov. Terry Branstad’s administration agreed to surrender a $1 million grant designed to bolster solar energy in Iowa — a move Hatch charged was due to pressure from utility company lobbyists. He said the move backed Iowa away from making a modest entry into building a solar energy capacity. Hatch called on Branstad to reassess his solar energy policy and to embrace a court ruling last week that observers believe will clear the way for third-party purchase agreements in Iowa that will benefit small producers of solar energy. “The current governor is giving in to special interests in the utility industry and picking winners and losers,” Hatch said. “That’s the only reason Iowa is giving up the federal solar energy grant, and I believe we can do better.” In response to Hatchs comments, Tommy Schultz, spokesman for the Branstad-Reynolds campaign, issued a statement defending the governor record on renewable energy. “Gov.
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