Sullivan Solar Power Recognized By San Diego Earthworks – University Chronicle

San Diego EarthWorks, known for their famous Earth Day at Balboa Park event, recognized Sullivan Solar Power and this program as one that created a clean, healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future for the region. For additional information, visit . About Sullivan Solar Power Sullivan Solar Power is a turnkey solar system provider that delivers solar electric projects from concept to completion. The company has installed over 18,500,000 watts of solar power ranging from small-scale residential to large-scale commercial and municipal systems. Sullivan Solar Power is headquartered in San Diego, CA and owned and operated by Dan Sullivan. Sullivan Solar Power has a longstanding A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, with no complaints filed since the business began. The firm has been named one of the fastest growing energy companies in the nation by Inc. Magazine for three consecutive years and services all of Southern California.
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Pattern Turns To Solar After Building Top Chile Wind Farm – Bloomberg

The company owns 70 percent of El Arrayan while London-based Antofagasta has 30 percent. The wind farm will provide power to Antofagasta Plc (ANTO) s Los Pelambres copper mine. Pattern went public in September with a $319 million initial public offering and sought another $300 million in a secondary offering in May. Garland said the company will tap capital markets twice a year to finance a backlog of renewable energy projects. Its board members include John Browne , a former chief executive officer of oil giant BP Plc. Prices Double In Chile, power prices have doubled in the last seven years and could increase 30 percent in the next seven, Energy Minister Maximo Pacheco said in a May 15 speech. While Chile isnt facing blackouts, it needs more contributors to the grid and diversification of sources to avoid further cost increases, President Michelle Bachelet said at the time. Her government is looking to play a more active role in issuing permits for projects and involve communities from an early stage to avert legal disputes.
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American Solar Direct 17th Fastest Growing Private Company In U.s. – Inc Magazine – Yahoo Finance

The Inc. milestone was announced shortly after Solar Power World Magazine one of the solar industrys leading sources for technology, development and installation news published its annual ranking, in which ASD had improved its ranking among solar contractors in the U.S. and Canada by 10 spots from the prior year. This survey also recognized ASD as number eight on their rooftop installer list out of 100 solar companies. About American Solar Direct American Solar Direct is a full-service solar provider offering California homeowners solar design, permitting, installation, and maintenance services. Through its Solar Made Simple program, American Solar Direct offers homeowners the ability to generate their own clean, renewable power and take control of their electricity prices.
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Eco Energy World Connects Five U.k. Solar-energy Farms To Grid – Bloomberg

Solar-Energy Farms to Grid By Louise Downing 2014-08-18T11:13:01Z Email Print Save Eco Energy World Ltd., a U.K. developer of clean-power projects, said it connected five solar-energy farms to the grid. The projects in the U.K. have a combined capacity of 70 megawatts, London-based Eco Energy said today in an e-mailed statement. They range in size from 9 megawatts to 15 megawatts and will generate enough power for about 22,000 homes a year, it said.
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Polychiral CNTs Make Better Solar Cells

A SWCNT is a sheet of carbon just one atom thick that has been rolled up into a tube with a diameter of about 1nm. The atoms in the sheet are arranged in a hexagonal lattice and the relative orientation of the lattice to the axis of the tube is its chirality. Previous CNT solar cells were mainly made from single-chirality CNTs, whereas our solar cells make use of tubes that are polychiral (that is, they possess multiple chiralities), explains Hersam. By using these multiple chiralities, our CNT solar cells absorb over a wider portion of the solar spectrum, which leads to higher currents and efficiencies, he High voltage and high current = record-high PCEs The researchers say that they also maximized the photovoltage produced by their solar cells by controlling the interface between the active, photovoltaic layer and the underlying hole-transport layer. This interface layer allows photogenerated electrons and holes to meet and efficiently recombine.
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100 Objects/day 62: Community Centerโ€™s Solar Panels Reduce Townโ€™s Utility Costs

Dominion Resources aims at the sun – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Top 50 Employers In Richmond, VA

In 2011, dozens of solar panels were installed on the roof of the Woodford Community Center. The addition of the panels has essentially reduced the towns utility bill to zero. The solar panels were installed by Sunstore Solar Energy Solutions of Greenville. They work by converting sunlight into energy to operate the community center. Any unused power is sold back to South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. With a population of about 185, the town applied for a federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant of approximately $45,000 to make all of the improvements. The life expectancy of the solar panels is more than 50 years, and the investment in the panels will pay for itself in 20 years. While Woodford still has to purchase electricity from SCE&G, the panels have significantly reduced the towns utility bill.
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Audrey E. Gordon, DDS

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Politicians Visit Minturn-based Energy Company |

The solar project was completed by Active Energies in early 2012 and provides an attractive and well-situated display of the towns environmental initiatives. In addition to the roof-mounted solar panels, the town of Vails environmental sustainability coordinator, Kristen Bertuglia, was on hand to show the senators a portable solar generator, which was also built by Active Energies. The solar generator, named the VoltsWagon, is a self-contained unit with solar panels and batteries, which can be towed by car or truck to provide power to any location. The power for many of the towns events can now be served without the noise and pollution of a conventional generator. Jason Weingast, the vice president of Active Energies, provided an in-depth explanation of the equipment and function of both solar projects. It was great to see elected officials from around the state visiting our community and asking for our feedback, said Megan Gilman, president of Active Energies.
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Solar, battery project to power emergency shelter | Vermont – WPTZ Home

A statement from Green Mountain Power says the U.S Department of Energy is calling the Stafford Hill Solar Farm the first project of its kind. Some of the power generated by its 7,000 solar panels will be stored in batteries with four megawatts of capacity. During emergencies, the system can be disconnected from the grid, with the power devoted to the emergency shelter at Rutland High School. The panels are being built on a former city landfill, allowing reuse of a property that had been designated as a brownfield. The $10 million project is expected to be complete in mid-December. Related
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Powin Corporation Secures $25 Million Investment In Its Energy Storage Technology – Yahoo Finance

This is an important milestone for Powin Energy Corporation in that it will provide us with capital and a partner to help implement our growth strategy, said Joseph Lu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Powin Energy Corporation. Mr. Zhang Yi, Chairman of Shunfeng, said, We view the technology of Powin Energy Corporation as of strategic significance to our strategy of developing and deploying large-scale energy storage devices throughout China and elsewhere in the world. We are very pleased to join forces with Powin Energy Corporation and its scientific and technical team in the rollout of energy storage systems. About Powin Energy Corporation Powin Energy is a company incorporated in the State of Oregon. It specializes in integration and development of scalable energy storage technologies for grid-level applications, commercial customers, and transportation solutions, such as turnkey vehicle battery retrofits and electric vehicle charging stations. For more information about Powin Energy see . About Shunfeng Photovoltaic International Limited Shunfeng (Stock Code: 01165), listed on Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, focuses on the research & development, manufacturing and sales of wafers, solar cells and solar modules.
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Bozeman animal shelter installs solar panels in sustainability efforts | Missoula Local News –

– The Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter is now running partly on solar energy as a way to cut costs. The shelter flipped the switch this week on three dozen solar energy panels. More Headlines Belgrade school officials outline strategic plan The panels could save the shelter up to $2,000 a year, which they say is about 25 percent of their energy costs. Executive Director Kathryn Hohmann spoke about the shelter’s efforts to become self-sustaining, saying, “From being an organization that was mining gravel on our property, which is something that is fundamentally unsustainable, to capturing energy from the sun. It’s green, it’s future, it’s ongoing. And we’re really thrilled to be at this place now.” Hohmann says it’s a step toward their goal of running completely on solar energy. The shelter received a grant from NorthWestern Energy to pay for all but $10,000 of the nearly $40,000 project.
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