Solar Panels And One Interesting Field Crew At The Tricky Triangle –

Sunlight-Concentrating Device Could Halve Solar Power Cost

But on the other side of Long Pond Road, you’ll find things to move much slower. Vice President and Superintendent of Pocono Raceway, George Ewald, took our cameras inside the gates of this 25-acre piece of land filled with 25-giant solar panels. Known as the Pocono Solar Project, it offsets more than 31-hundred metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. This is its’ fourth year here. It also saves the raceway from paying a hefty annual electric bill of nearly 180-thousand dollars. “We’re getting free electric here plus we’re putting back about 80-percent of it on the grid.” noted Ewald More than 300-homes are provided electricity from the solar panels’ power .
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A man looks at solar panels at the Taleghan Renewable Energy Site in Taleghan, 99 miles northwest of Tehran, Iran on June 22, 2014. Image: Ebrahim Noroozi/Associated Press Kevin Bullis for MIT Technology Review 2014-08-01 11:15:23 UTC Follow @techreview A new material, combined with a cheap tracking system, could unleash the promise of concentrated solar power. A material with optical properties that change to help it capture more incoming sunlight could cut the cost of solar power in half, according to Glint Photonics , a startup recently funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (ARPA-E). Sun tracker: Small lenses focus sunlight onto an adaptive material that helps track the movement of the sun. Image: Glint Photonics Glints adaptive material greatly reduces the cost of a tracking system used in some types of solar power.
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