Politicians Visit Minturn-based Energy Company | Vaildaily.com

The solar project was completed by Active Energies in early 2012 and provides an attractive and well-situated display of the towns environmental initiatives. In addition to the roof-mounted solar panels, the town of Vails environmental sustainability coordinator, Kristen Bertuglia, was on hand to show the senators a portable solar generator, which was also built by Active Energies. The solar generator, named the VoltsWagon, is a self-contained unit with solar panels and batteries, which can be towed by car or truck to provide power to any location. The power for many of the towns events can now be served without the noise and pollution of a conventional generator. Jason Weingast, the vice president of Active Energies, provided an in-depth explanation of the equipment and function of both solar projects. It was great to see elected officials from around the state visiting our community and asking for our feedback, said Megan Gilman, president of Active Energies.
For more, checkout the genuine document listed here: http://www.vaildaily.com/news/12388362-113/active-energies-solar-senators

Solar, battery project to power emergency shelter | Vermont – WPTZ Home

A statement from Green Mountain Power says the U.S Department of Energy is calling the Stafford Hill Solar Farm the first project of its kind. Some of the power generated by its 7,000 solar panels will be stored in batteries with four megawatts of capacity. During emergencies, the system can be disconnected from the grid, with the power devoted to the emergency shelter at Rutland High School. The panels are being built on a former city landfill, allowing reuse of a property that had been designated as a brownfield. The $10 million project is expected to be complete in mid-December. Related
Procured from: http://www.wptz.com/news/vermont-new-york/burlington/solar-battery-project-to-power-emergency-shelter/27430042?absolute=true


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