Eco Energy World Connects Five U.k. Solar-energy Farms To Grid – Bloomberg

Solar-Energy Farms to Grid By Louise Downing 2014-08-18T11:13:01Z Email Print Save Eco Energy World Ltd., a U.K. developer of clean-power projects, said it connected five solar-energy farms to the grid. The projects in the U.K. have a combined capacity of 70 megawatts, London-based Eco Energy said today in an e-mailed statement. They range in size from 9 megawatts to 15 megawatts and will generate enough power for about 22,000 homes a year, it said.
Look into the first version these include any kind of extra visuals or video footage by stopping by

Polychiral CNTs Make Better Solar Cells

A SWCNT is a sheet of carbon just one atom thick that has been rolled up into a tube with a diameter of about 1nm. The atoms in the sheet are arranged in a hexagonal lattice and the relative orientation of the lattice to the axis of the tube is its chirality. Previous CNT solar cells were mainly made from single-chirality CNTs, whereas our solar cells make use of tubes that are polychiral (that is, they possess multiple chiralities), explains Hersam. By using these multiple chiralities, our CNT solar cells absorb over a wider portion of the solar spectrum, which leads to higher currents and efficiencies, he High voltage and high current = record-high PCEs The researchers say that they also maximized the photovoltage produced by their solar cells by controlling the interface between the active, photovoltaic layer and the underlying hole-transport layer. This interface layer allows photogenerated electrons and holes to meet and efficiently recombine.
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