Mill Valley Considers New Solar Energy Project – Marin Independent Journal

The proposal comes three years after the city installed a solar energy array behind the public safety building that supplies enough energy to run the fire and police department offices. It returns between $3,000 and $6,000 a year in revenue from excess energy sold to Marin Clean Energy. City Manager Jim McCann said the solar project addresses the city’s interest in sustainability, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and cuts electricity costs. It would be done through Sustainable Energy and Economic Development, a public-private partnership between the San Rafael-based nonprofit Strategic Energy Innovations and Optony, a Silicon Valley solar consulting firm that specializes in setting up municipal solar programs and projects. The council will take up the solar proposal at its meeting at 7 p.m. Aug. 4.
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Clean energy projects point the way to renewable energy economy for WNY – Opinion – The Buffalo News

Preliminary work is under way at the RiverBend site that will pave the way for an enormous solar panel factory. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News file photo)

Most of the renewable energy projects in Western New York, with the exception of some wind farms, have not been of the scale that makes a truly significant contribution to the energy system. An exception was the University at Buffalos Solar Strand installation at the North Campus. There, 3,200 solar panels generate about 0.75 megawatts of power. Steel Sun in Lackawanna will generate 4 megawatts. That is still less than enough to power 1,000 homes, but it suggests possibilities for the future.
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Enphase Energy And Energy France Installation Bring Next Generation Solar To Ast Groupe Residential Housing Portfolio – Yahoo Finance

We are very proud for the tremendous value of this partnership, which is accelerating smarter solar adoption among French homeowners, states Olivier Jacques, managing director of EMEA, Enphase Energy. Enphase offers AST an advanced PV solution that generates financial and environmental benefits to their customers. Moreover, as it comes included as a standard feature with the purchase of the house, it can conceivably improve the real-estate resale potential. The recent collaboration between AST and EFI has already brought the Enphase networked solar PV to more than 100 new single-family homes. The Enphase Technology supplies standard three or four-bedroom houses with right-sized, intelligent solar arrays. With an average of two PV modules per home, each dwelling can consume the energy it produces for its own needs and save up to 30 percent of energy costs. We have years of experience in solar PV with hundreds of installations in the field, said Tarik Ninach, president of EFI. When competing for a large installation project quality, flexibility, ease of installation, operations and maintenance are essential parameters to be considered. The Enphase Microinverter System stood out and represented the only viable solution to win the business.
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Solar Panel Array To Help Heat, Power Ohio Prison – Yahoo News

Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Solar panel array to help heat, power Ohio prison Solar panel array to provide hot water, heating at Ohio prison with $245,000 annual savings By Andrew Welsh-Huggins, Associated Press 1 hour ago 0 shares Content preferences Done CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (AP) — The state on Wednesday unveiled a large solar panel project at a southern Ohio prison it says will save taxpayers $245,000 in annual energy costs, reduce greenhouse emissions and help train inmates involved in the project as a route to future jobs. The 400 panels at Ross Correctional Institution in Chillicothe, about 50 miles south of Columbus, will be the primary source for hot water and heating in eight cell blocks, the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said. The panels consist of multiple tubes that collect ultraviolent rays and transfer the heat to a liquid similar to antifreeze that then heats water in large tanks inside the individual prison facilities.
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Et Solar Unterstützt Realisierung Von Solarprojekt In Der Türkei — München, 17. Juli 2014 /prnewswire/ —

(ET Solar”), ein fuhrender Anbieter von intelligenten Energielosungen, verkundete die Lieferung von hochwertigen PV-Modulen an DOMILUX Leuchten Herstellung und Vertrieb GmbH (DOMILUX”), einem deutschen Solaranlagen- und EPC-Unternehmen, zur Realisierung eines 728-kW-Aufdachsolarkraftwerks in der Turkei. Verantwortlich fur den Bau des im turkischen Karabuk, Safranbolu errichteten Aufdach-PV-Kraftwerks war das Unternehmen DOMILUX. Die Fertigstellung sowie der Anschluss an das Stromnetz erfolgten imJuni 2014. Exklusiver Lieferant der PV-Module war ET Solar. Bewilligungsfreie PV-Projekte mit einer Kapazitat unter 1 MW boomen in der Turkei. Dieses Projekt ist das erste bewilligungsfreie Solarkraftwerk in der Turkei, an dessen Realisierung ET Solar mitgewirkt hat. Es ist bisher auch das erste Vorfuhrsolarkraftwerk fur DOMILUX. Der Energiebedarf der Turkei wachst jedes Jahr stetig an, was das Land zu einem wichtigen neuen Markt fur PV-Produkte macht.
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Space weather: Fine, with a chance of solar flares –

This image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the sun on July 12, 2012 during an X1.4 class flare. The image is captured in the 304 Angstrom wavelength, which is typically colorized in red.

It has already shot off two smaller flares (Jan. 2, 2014) as shown here in a wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light. This image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the sun on July 12, 2012 during an X1.4 class flare. The image is captured in the 304 Angstrom wavelength, which is typically colorized in red. This image combines two sets of observations of the sun on July 12, 2012 from the SDO to give an impression of what the sun looked like shortly before it unleashed an X-class flare.
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Iowa Court Gives Green Light To Solar Energy Deals | La Crosse – Wkbt

Related Content Solar power bills headed for conference committee The 4-2 ruling in favor of Eagle Point Solar could expedite the adoption of solar power generating systems that can reduce users’ energy costs and environmental footprint. Critics say the ruling could be a blow for electric utilities, who may have to raise their rates if they lose customers. The court says companies such as Eagle Point Solar can enter into deals with customers in which they install rooftop solar panels, and then sell them the energy that is generated. The court rejected claims that those agreements were illegal under Iowa law because they cut into the exclusive territories granted to regulated utilities. Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
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I&m Announces Solar Energy Project That Could Feature A South Be – Fox 28: South Bend, Elkhart In News, Weather, Sports

Dispatchersgot the call around 1:30 a.m. of a woman calling for help near the Colfax St. Bridge. Indiana Conservation Officers say Yolanda Anderson, 25, of South Bend has been identified as the woman who fell into the river. They say she was walking with family and friends when she entered the water for an unknown reason, and is now presumed missing. More >> South Bend officials are searching the St.
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Renewable Energy Supporters Up In The Air Over Industry’s Future | | Acadiana-lafayette, Louisiana

Last week, owners of 14 solar power companies from around the state filed a formal complaint with the Public Service Commission against Acadian Consulting Group, out of Baton Rouge. The company was hired in May to analyze the costs and benefits linked to increased solar use. “There’s no doubt that this company is qualified to do oil and gas studies, but it is very evident that they are not qualified to do renewable energy studies,” said Collin Bercier, owner of Louisiana Solar Solutions. Bercier, along with other business owners, are asking for a fair shake in the study that has the potential to shut the lights out on the industry. “We all know pretty much what the impact of that study will be, and then from there, it trickles down to loss of business and jobs,” said Bercier. “Jobs is our biggest concern in all of this.” “This docket has been going on for two years now. This is a culmination of events,” said C.
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How The DARPA Of The Energy World Wants To Change The Electricity Grid | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Often a decade can go by and a technology will still struggle to make it to commercial scale. Martin explains that the biggest success of the young agency so far–which is now the largest funder of this kind of translational energy research–is changing the culture of R&D. Weve taken the idea of taking big chances from being unacceptable to acceptable. Failure is becoming part of the process, Martin says. And the really big success is that some of this stuff does work … and its challenging peoples ideas about whats possible. The great thing about innovation is that once you get one thing to happen, lots of other things start to look possible.
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