Renewable Energy Supporters Up In The Air Over Industry’s Future | | Acadiana-lafayette, Louisiana

Last week, owners of 14 solar power companies from around the state filed a formal complaint with the Public Service Commission against Acadian Consulting Group, out of Baton Rouge. The company was hired in May to analyze the costs and benefits linked to increased solar use. “There’s no doubt that this company is qualified to do oil and gas studies, but it is very evident that they are not qualified to do renewable energy studies,” said Collin Bercier, owner of Louisiana Solar Solutions. Bercier, along with other business owners, are asking for a fair shake in the study that has the potential to shut the lights out on the industry. “We all know pretty much what the impact of that study will be, and then from there, it trickles down to loss of business and jobs,” said Bercier. “Jobs is our biggest concern in all of this.” “This docket has been going on for two years now. This is a culmination of events,” said C.
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How The DARPA Of The Energy World Wants To Change The Electricity Grid | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Often a decade can go by and a technology will still struggle to make it to commercial scale. Martin explains that the biggest success of the young agency so far–which is now the largest funder of this kind of translational energy research–is changing the culture of R&D. Weve taken the idea of taking big chances from being unacceptable to acceptable. Failure is becoming part of the process, Martin says. And the really big success is that some of this stuff does work … and its challenging peoples ideas about whats possible. The great thing about innovation is that once you get one thing to happen, lots of other things start to look possible.
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