New Report Says Nc Among Top States Using Solar Energy –, Myrtle Beach/florence Sc, Weather

However, according to their report, North Carolina lags behind other leaders in residential and commercial rooftop systems installed. “I think it was always an accepted energy source but I think now people are realizing that it’s not an experiment anymore,” Ken Varner with Wilmington-based Cape Fear Solar Systems said. Varner credits tax incentives and lower energy costs for the increase in solar energy in North Carolina. An average solar power package initially costs about $25,000, but with the rebates, consumers only end up paying about a third of that price. “With the incentives right now, they allow a very high value product to become accessible not only to the home owner but also business owners,” Varner said.
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The State: Haley signs solar energy bill – Post and Courier

Nikki Haley File/AP/Chuck Burton South Carolina Gov. Nikki on Wednesday signed a bill that loosens restrictions on solar energy in the state, making it easier for businesses, utilities and homeowners to use solar energy, according to a story posted today on The State’s website. Haley said the bill would remove barriers that have been getting in the way of using solar energy in the state. Read the full story here: Information from:
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