South African Solar Energy Project Receives $142 Million In Funding – Hydrogen Fuel News | hydrogen Fuel News

India’s Solar Power Dreams on Hold – WSJ

Parabolic trough reflectors are being used by the project to amplify sunlight, thereby increasing its energy potential. Currently, the project boasts of a maximum capacity of 100 megawatts, but more capacity could be added later on as the project expands. Project Xina currently needs approximately $900 million in investments in order to complete development and begin generating electrical power. South Africa aims to leverage new solar energy projects to attain its sustainability goals This project is part of South Africas endeavor to install some 3.7 gigawatts worth of renewable energy capacity throughout the country by 2016. South Africa aims to increase its renewable energy capacity by an additional 9.4 gigawatts by 2030. Through the adoption of clean energy, the country also hopes to cut down on the emissions that it is responsible for, becoming more environmentally friendly and securing a more sustainable future. South Africa also pursuing the establishment of a domestic fuel cell industry Solar power has begun to find traction in South Africa, but it is not the only form of clean energy that the country is focusing on. The South African government is also involved in the establishment of a domestic fuel cell industry.
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Concentrated solar energy system ready to go online in South Africa

ET HONG KONG-India’s plans for a major ramp-up in solar power are on hold after a proposal to impose anti-dumping duties on equipment from overseas has led developers to say proposed projects would become unprofitable. Industry officials say imports of solar equipment worth millions of dollars that were in the pipeline from U.S., China, Taiwan and Malaysia are now unlikely to come to India anytime soon. India had been planning to… Get The Full Story
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