Power4patriots Commends Santa Fe Hotel For Solar Energy Initiative – Yahoo Finance

Power4Patriots applauds the hotel for this initiative and tells homeowners the best way to lower power costs and keep electricity flowing during blackouts is to become independent of the vulnerable U.S. power grid. They firmly recommend that people learn how to generate their own electricity through solar panels and wind turbines. Power4Patriots was created as a way to allow anyone to become independent of high power bills and outages. Cost-effective and uncomplicated, Power4Patriots teaches people how to build their own, environmentally friendly sources of energy. Power4Patriots is a recently updated series of videos and manuals describing how to build solar panels, wind turbines, water heaters and solar heaters.
First revealed at: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/power4patriots-commends-santa-fe-hotel-023000417.html

Solar Energy Incentive Program Opens for Minnesota Property Owners – Yahoo Finance

“We want to encourage our community to benefit from those panels that are made right here in Minnesota.” 3M, which expanded its revolutionary employee solar program to include friends and family, is now extending its reduced rates to all residents of Minnesota who participate in the MiM Fast Track. By providing a bulk purchase discount on the installed cost of the Made in Minnesota solar modules, the 3M solar program increases the financial benefits of solar energy to the property owner. For the MiM Fast Track, Geostellar developed a custom simulation to model the benefits of Silicon Energy’s Minnesota-made Voyageur modules. Because the Made in Minnesota incentive is based on the actual performance of the solar modules, Geostellar’s instant assessment of rooftop solar production based on the slope, orientation and shading on the solar array, as well as the number of solar modules that can fit on each individual rooftop, is a valuable time-saver in the application process. With Silicon Energy modules, homeowners who are selected in the lottery will receive $0.37 for every kWh produced by the solar array over ten years, which on an average Minnesota home will add up to around $40,000 for an installation of 36 modules.
The extensive article on which this curated clip was derived from can certainly be found at http://finance.yahoo.com/news/solar-energy-incentive-program-opens-130000448.html


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